UNLV’s 60th Birthday Party

UNLV hosted its 60th birthday party in the Pida Plaza yesterday where President Len Jessup and Mayor Carolyn Goodman addressed students, faculty and board members about their excitement for the current and future state of the university.  After singing happy birthday along with the band and cheerleaders’, they cut the cake and served everyone willing to partake.  Everyone was more than excited to celebrate UNLV and even more excited to predict where the school will be in the next 60 years.

UNLV Birthday Party – KUNV Producer Vanessa McConnell

UNLV President Len Jessup

Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Board of Regent Sam Lieberman

UNLV Student Kelsey

Executive Director, UNLV Intersection Harriet E. Barlow, Ph.D.

UNLV Faculty Alsenia Whiters

UNLV Marketing Entertainment Intern Photographer Amanda Keading

UNLV 60 Yr. Resident Mary Martinez