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Former NFL Player and CEO of Body Illusion Victor Cohen

Jerry R. Smith : September 6, 2016 11:22 am : The Professional Next Door

Former NFL and CEO of Body Illusions Victor Cohen
Former NFL and CEO of Body Illusions Victor Cohen

Victor Cohen who recently transition to Las Vegas Nevada from Chicago have decided to further his brand Body Illusion. Victor passion for health and fitness has created a brand that have allowed others to take advantage of the secrets health tips that has allowed him to play pro football.

Victor who have been in fitness and sports all his life  has dedicated his time and efforts as a personal trainer and as a humanitarian for helping those in the community who are less fortunate.

Cohen will be implementing a program for after school fitness in the community.

Victor says “Its never to late to start a fitness program.”


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Bubba Knight, TPND, 2016

Jerry R. Smith : July 5, 2016 10:15 am : The Professional Next Door

Bubba Knight of Gladys Knight and the PiPS.
Bubba Knight of Gladys Knight and the PIPS.

The world famous Bubba Knight taking us back to when he started the music biz. You will be surprised and entertained. Take a listen.

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6.28.2016, TPND, Bruce Garrett

Jerry R. Smith : June 29, 2016 6:40 pm : The Professional Next Door


Hall of Famer Bruce Garrett Has “Happy Times” as CFO of Emerging WCOBM.COM

Las Vegas, NV- The Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee, broadcast and media legend, Bruce Garrett, is having the time of his life as the Chief Financial Officer of the emerging World Center of Broadcast Media.

Garrett began his partnership with WCOBM in May of 2015 after being approached by the network’s Owner Gene Woods and General Manager Michelle “Roxy” Davis.

In addition to its studio in Las Vegas, the network has recently begun to broadcast in Hollywood, CA and is set to open up in Salt Lake City, Utah in the near future.

Garrett’s parents were the first African-Americans to own a radio station in Alabama and he has been involved in broadcasting for nearly five decades. He created and produced Shuttledance, a weekly television show and was the host of Nights Over Las Vegas, a music radio show that has received worldwide acclaim. He was inducted into the prestigious Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2013.

“WCOBM is the only network in the world that allows you to watch TV on the Internet on different channels. This is history in the making.” “Streaming television is here to stay and it’s only going to get better.
The World Center of Broadcast Media is a live streaming television network that entertains with a social media reach of more than 2 million people.
For more information about the World Center of Broadcast Media, please call (702) 439-5081 or email

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01.12.2016, TPND, Prescott Ellison

Jerry R. Smith : February 15, 2016 10:27 pm : The Professional Next Door


On today’s episode of The Professional Next Door, Prescott Ellison talks about Super food Friends, Body Bench and Ellison Lifestyle Group.  In addition we will be discussing his transition from professional musician to becoming a Patented Inventor, Published Author, Cartoonist, Animator, Business Owner and Philanthropist.

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Dr. Becky Watson Speaks about Media Mainstream and New programs included in Salvation Army.

Jerry R. Smith : January 6, 2016 5:42 pm : The Professional Next Door

20151110_Dr Becky Watson, Salvation Army (1)It has been 70 years since Salvation Army has developed into helping others and most of their acts of kindness are still including such things as feeding hundreds and providing shelter for the homeless but unfortunately that is not enough.

Becky Watson expresses her thoughts on why it is so important to stay innovated with society.

The Salvation Army is creating more  programs including programs for the  LGBT community and human trafficking.

Watson who is the public relations coordinator goes into detail of other resources that have partnered with the Salvation Army to help thousands of people right in the city of Las Vegas.

For more information: or call 702 870 4430

Facebook/Twitter/Vine/Periscope: Salvation Army.

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