The Vast Amount of Unique Jerseys at the NBA Summer League

Scott (Houston, Texas)

It’s one thing to be an avid fan of your favorite player or team. It’s another to sport your favorite teams/players unique looking jerseys, whether or not they are so called “retros”.

Sebastian (Paterson, New Jersey)

The Las Vegas NBA Summer League is essentially the Comic-Con for basketball junkies. In the spirit of celebrating non-stop basketball, there seems to be an influx of fans across the nation (and even the globe) who venture out to the hot and dry Las Vegas with their own unique jerseys.

Kaleb Beveridge (Melbourne, Australia)

This year’s rendition of the NBA Summer League is no exception to the impact of the FIFA World Cup. NBA fans from all across the globe congregate at the summer league and showcase their favorite players or their countries on their jerseys.

Jonathan (Mexico City, Mexico)

The fact that there is in abundance of soccer jerseys at the NBA Summer League speaks out on the freedom fans have to sport any jersey they like. Of course, there is also an abundance of NBA jerseys that represent the entire nation.

Matthias (Copenhagen, Denmark)

“If I went to a Timberwolves game in Minneapolis with my Garnett jersey on, it would just be awkward”, said Ojarro Stephenson from Minneapolis, Minnesota. “At the Summer League, it feels like it doesn’t matter who’s jersey we wear because we’re all here for the same thing.”

Ojamo – Minneapolis, Minnesota)

The vast amount of unique jerseys at the NBA Summer League really speaks towards the dedication many of these fans have. It’s one thing to go into your local sports apparel store and buy the latest Jersey, however ones fandom is tested to a whole new level when you have to search for old and unique merchandise.

Kevin (Orange County, California)

If there was one thing that we had to take away from every Las Vegas Summer League, it would be the fact that Laker fans show up in droves. Not only do they make their voices heard in the crowds, but they reach new extremes when it comes to showing off their apparel.

Casimer (Detroit, Michigan)

The Las Vegas Summer League has and will always be a place for every Basketball fan. Whether you’re from Los Angeles, Minneapolis, or Melbourne, all is welcome to this showcase.