Republican candidate Dennis Hof under investigation for sexual assault

Dennis Hof, brothel owner and Republican candidate for Nevada State Assembly 36 attend the Nye County Commission meeting in Pahrump on Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

Republican Assembly candidate Dennis Hof is under investigation by the Nevada Department of Public Safety for sexual assault.  Details have not been disclosed at this time but the department says, “Based on a request form from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Investigation Division, is conducting an investigation into sexual assault allegations against Hof.”  The statement goes on to read, “As this is an ongoing investigation, no further information can be provided at this time.”


According to the Nevada Independent, Hof was contacted this week by phone about the recent investigation and responded, “I wonder who they paid this time.”  Hof was not aware of these new allegations and asked to be sent and email so that he can see for himself what they entail.


Former brothel worker Jennifer O’Kane filed a police report in 2016 stating that Hof raped her in 2011.  At the time Nye County had a four year statute of limitation, so the DA did not press charges at the time.  Several other women who has worked for Hof has come forward about being sexually assaulted and harassed by Hof during their employment.  


Since his success in the primary against Assemblyman James Oscarson, his business license was revoked and obtained back from the Nye County Commission. Hof’s sexual allegations only put him under the microscope for this upcoming election.  He is not favored among a lot of Republican leaders right now and is running in an important Republican rural area of the state. A lot of eyes will be watching this part of the state during the election. Hof will face off against Democratic Lesia Romanov in November.