People can now purchase recreational marijuana legally in the state of Nevada.

In November, approximately 55 percent of voters in Nevada voted to legalize marijuana. During the recently concluded legislative session, state legislators passed rules regarding the sale, possession and use of the drug, which were signed into law by Gov. Sandoval.

Sale of recreational marijuana began Saturday night at midnight. People 21 and older with a valid ID can now buy up to an ounce of marijuana.

Buyers are only able to use it when they are in a private residence and can face a $600 fine if they are caught using it in public.

Mason Tvert, Communications Director for the Marijuana Policy Project, says residents and tourists alike will benefit from the new law.

“Adults will now be able to purchase marijuana similarly to how they purchase alcohol, from regulated businesses rather than criminals in the illegal market. Tens of millions of visitors per year from all over the U.S. and around the world will see firsthand that regulating marijuana works.”

Senator Tick Segerblom was part of the movement to legalize marijuana. He estimates that in just two years that the Nevada Government will bring in $150 million from legalizing marijuana.

Segerblom told NBC news, “I’m a child of the 60s, and I saw that it didn’t destroy the world. It’s a no brainer to make it regulated, to tax it, to test it and to let people enjoy it.”

In Las Vegas, there are a total of 17 dispensaries with licenses to sell. There may be as many as 40 by the end of this month.

Nevada officials told the Associated Press that tourists are expected to make a big splash in sales. They estimated that 63% of the customers are going to be tourists.

Nevada is 1 of 9 states to have legalized both recreational and medicinal marijuana.