Proposed cuts in grants could effect underground gas tank clean up efforts in Nevada

Courtesy of Nevada Independent

President Donald Trump proposed cuts to a grant that funds leak prevention and clean up efforts for underground gas storage tanks from $92 to $47 million.  There are about 200 tanks leaking throughout Nevada and state officials are investigating or overseeing cleanup efforts.  According to the Nevada Independent, there are more than 4,600 storage tanks in use out of 14,000 registered in Nevada. If this grant is cut, it will drastically effect the clean up efforts, salaries, hazardous waste tipping fees, the state’s Petroleum Fund and other ongoing operations.

The Environmental Defense Fund wrote a letter stating, “When leaking tanks are at risk of leaking harmful chemicals such as oil, gas, benzene and toluene into soil and groundwater, drinking water and soil are fouled, backyards and businesses become dangerous, community health in jeopardized, and economic development is crippled.”

Head of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Protective Action Jeff Collins says, “We feel like our case officers and the folks that are working here are never necessarily going to be in jeopardy of their position just because there’s one particular grant cut.  We might have to work a little bit leaner if there’s a significant cut across the board with grants, but that’s something that we’re going to have to work internally here to understand if that time came.”