Our Kind of Music

Step out of the mainstream, and take a trip down the splintery backroads where “Our Kind Of Music” lives.

What is “Our Kind of Music” (OKOM)? It’s Contemporary Americana, Roots Rock, Alternative Country, Modern Folk, and so much more. There are so many extremely talented singer-songwriters out there that deserve to be heard, but yet never get airplay on mainstream Las Vegas radio. That’s where “Our Kind of Music” comes in… OKOM proudly brings you recording artists heard nowhere else on Southern Nevada airwaves. We treat you to interviews with some of the finest singer-songwriters out there in the OKOM world. OKOM also strongly supports the growing Las Vegas Americana Music scene through interviews with local artists, and by playing their music.

Tune in, because you never know… “Our Kind Of Music” could be your kind of music too.

About the Host

Blake Phillips - Our Kind of Music

Blake Phillips was introduced to the world of singer-songwriters in 1972, when a high school buddy loaned him an 8-track tape of John Prine’s first album. He was blown away by the depth of Prine’s songwriting style; Songs that had you laughing one minute, and crying the next. Prine, and artists like him, quickly found a home in Blake’s 8-track box alongside Led Zeppelin, Foghat, and Pink Floyd.

In the early 80’s, around the time he started listening to KUNV, Blake’s musical interests shifted towards Jazz artists like David Sanborn, Michael Franks, and Weather Report; but around the same time, while keeping an ear on singer-songwriters, he got turned on to the lyrically-driven styles of Jimmy Buffett (before the term “Parrothead” came to be). A few years later, through a Jimmy Buffett connection, Blake got drawn back into what has come to be known as Contemporary Americana Music.

In the early 90’s, Blake received a call from a fellow Parrothead who had just come home from a Buffett concert in California. He told Blake about “this kid” who had opened for Jimmy. His friend said, “You’ve got to check this kid out!” That kid’s name… Todd Snider. Todd’s first album, “Songs for the Daily Planet” was the turning point that rekindled Blake’s love of songs with enthralling lyrics, and the artists that create them.

In the years since, at first through writing music articles for a weekly paper in Eugene, Oregon, and later through hosting “Our Kind Of Music,” Blake has had the pleasure of interviewing quite a few of his Americana Music heroes. That list includes: Robert Earl Keen, Will Kimbrough, Darrell Scott, Rod Picott, David Olney, Adam Carroll, Chris Carroll, Kevin Gordon, and (about half a dozen times with) Todd Snider.

Blake’s favorite movies include “Young Frankenstein,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “The Big Lebowski.” His favorite meal is sushi and beer. Those fun facts have nothing to do with Blake’s taste in music or his state of mind while hosting “Our Kind Of Music”… Or do they?