Nevadans still looking for answers on how to combat opioid issue

Nevada’s opioid overdose rate is reaching more than person a day.

On Monday Governor Brian Sandoval and his opioid Abuse Task Force went over data, but are still trying to find answers to this complex issue. Nearly 400 people died last year from overdoses and 15,000 were admitted to the hospital due to opiate related issues. The majority of abusers are over the age of 45 and nationwide 8 out of 10 opioid users say they get their pills from someone other than a doctor.

Nevada has had some of the highest rates of prescription painkillers sold and drug overdose deaths per capita. Per units prescribed per 100,000 patients, Nevada ranks: 2nd highest for hydrocodone (Vicodin and Lortab), 2nd highest for oxycodone (Percodan and Percocet), 4th highest for methadone, and 7th highest for codeine according to State of Nevada Plan to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse.