More cuts come to the Clark County School District

The Clark County School District budget crisis has been in the news and more cuts are coming to the district.

With the recent budget cuts CCSD will be closing a school that offers non-traditional students a path to graduation. The Clark County School District says Burk Horizon High School’s daytime program will close on Oct. 13, however, they will still offer night classes and online courses. Burk Horizon is a unique academy setting for students who have already dropped out or are under 21 years old.

Also Monday there was an accounting error found that could cause even more cuts to individual budgets. According to the Review Journal, A memo from Mike Barton, the Clark County School District’s chief academic officer, sent late Monday to principals said the district may have miscalculated the impact of salary increases for administrative officials in an Aug. 28 memo. The figures — which were sent to the schools on Monday as they began making cuts — may not have included the retroactive payment for those positions in fiscal years 2016 and 2017, according to the memo.