Local Government give okay for marijuana lounges

Marijuana lounges, cafes, yoga studios, and special events could use recreational marijuana legally according to an opinion by the Legislative Counsel Bureau.

“It is the opinion of this office that a business may establish and operate a lounge or other facility or special event at which patrons of the business are allowed to use marijuana,” Erdoes said in the letter to state senator Tick Segerbloom on Sunday. Local city and county governments will be allowed to determine an ordinance that would require the business to get a license and obey applicable regulations.  Dispensaries say that it is nice to be able to start to work on places for their customers to use their product instead of having to give them a blanket statement of not using marijuana on the Strip.

Democratic Sen. Tick Segerblom requested the letter after lawmakers failed to pass a bill last session that would explicitly allows marijuana lounges. Segerbloom who is considered to be the god father of marijuana in the city is hopeful that passing a bill that would allow lounges would help the Las Vegas economy and make tourists more likely to come.” I personally feel it’s a great industry for Las Vegas. I’d like to see an Amsterdam street, a cannabis hotel, a bed, and breakfast, you name it. The sky’s the limit.” Segerbloom said.