Henderson may begin the sales of recreational marijuana by October

Henderson may be selling legalized recreational marijuana by October.  City officials passed ordinances to establish regulations and licenses, as well as zoning regulations for growing, testing and sales to be at least 300 feet of community facilities and at least 1,000 feet away from schools, parks and playgrounds.  Henderson mayor Debra March says, “Marijuana legalized in Nevada nine months ago by the voters in our state.  It’s our responsibility to ensure the industry is regulated to our gold standard of doing business in the city of Henderson.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal Michael Cathcart says, “it will cost about $71,000 for current marijuana operators to get licenses.”  Henderson could receive $5.3 million in retail tax and create 750 jobs.  Residents spoke out at the meeting citing that the legal sale could go towards schools.  However councilman Dan Steward says, “The city is moving too quickly.  We are different.  We are a premier city and we can make a bold statement by having no recreational marijuana in our city.  There are too many unintended consequences that we just don’t know about.”