Green light for dispensaries to stay open 24/7

Las Vegas will be joining North Las Vegas with its first always open marijuana dispensary.

Dispensaries are currently required to close from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. however, the Las Vegas City Council voted to let Oasis Cannabis become the first always open dispensary in the city. There are 26 other dispensaries that will be allowed to stay open at all times, but this change will most likely not go into effect until October 3rd.

Businesses are not required to always be open, but the option is there for each one to choose. Oasis plans to be open 24/7 starting Friday. North Las Vegas has always allowed its dispensaries to be always open. This change will hopefully help the issue of robberies that happen at dispensaries. Being open 24/7 means that all dispensaries will have a security guard on site at all times. This change will hopefully also fix the financial problem that dispensaries face when having to close down business just to reopen 3 hours later.