Former UNLV Lady Rebels honored at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Five UNLV Lady Rebels were honored over the weekend as a part of the Women’s Professional Basketball League.  The WBL was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and was honored with the title, “Trailblazers of the Game,” along with eight other teams and organizations.  The WBL played three seasons from 1978-81.  Former UNLV Lady Rebels include Janice Fuller, Janie Fincher, Liz Galloway, Debra Waddy-Rossow and Belinda Candler. 


UNLV Lady Rebel Head Coach Kathy Olivier says, “The WBL is where professional women’s basketball all started.  All these talented Lady Rebels helped to make it happen.  What a well-deserved honor for all of these women.  They were the ones who taught all of us Lady Rebels how to ‘play like a Rebel’.”