Feb. 25, 2014: The Short End Of State Resources

Our Metropolis producer Dave Nourse, along with regular contributors Elizabeth Thompson, Matt Hufman and David Damore, discuss the controversial decision by Las Vegas Metro Police to stop responding to non-fatal traffic accidents and how that decision may be part of Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s overall strategy to hire more police officers. The panel also discusses the framework recently established between Nevada and Delaware that will allow interstate online gambling and the possible implications of the pact.
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Southern Nevada provides more than 80% of the State’s revenue and makes up more than 3/4 of the State’s population, but the Las Vegas area also has a long history of getting the short end of State resources. UNLV political science professor, Brooking Institution scholar and regular Our Metropolis contributor, David Damore, has published a report examining how Southern Nevada did in the last legislative session. He sits down to discuss his findings with Our Metropolis producer Jean Reid Norman.
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Advancing Southern Nevada’s Regional Priorities: Overview of the 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature
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